Sunday, 16 November 2008

Let's join the euro!

Will Hutton said this in today's Observer. I can't see any argument against it. The logically correct solution is that the world only needs one currency. Money is not a real entity. The reality is tangible goodies- food, drink, entertainment, exploration etc - and tangible input, which is work. Money is just the medium of exchange which, ultimately, enables the conversion of work into goodies; it's a bit like oil. Do we need so many different kinds of oil? And do we need to expend so much effort and danger into turning all these different sorts of the same thing into each other?

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  1. Yes, I agree! Never mind the euro, a single world currency is what's needed. What are the reasons for not having one (I know what some of them are but they have no validity in the big picture book).
    The 2 big questions would be:
    1. what to call it
    2. what to get all those redundant er people to do when they are not doing their money changing stuff.
    I have a cunning plan.
    2 birds with 1 stone amigos!
    Initially call it something profound, like the GLOB & employ all the redundant foreign exchange speculators to create the facility for a global referendum on it's long term name (after the referendum they can be quietly forgotten about, stacked up on the scrapheap of fiscal incompetence).

    There will need to be a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

    I rather like
    the GLOBAMA,
    subdivided into