Thursday, 12 February 2009

Amazing stuff

1. Have you discovered Spotify yet? If so, look away now. If not: it's a free (occasional advert), legal online streaming music service which claims the ambition of supplying all the music that exists, without you having to store any of it on your own computer. In other words, a planet-wide jukebox on free play. I signed up this morning and spent hours trying to catch it out (all right, it doesn't do the dinosaurs like Beatles, Led Zep, Oasis etc yet, and its Little Feat catalogue is less than complete). But, I told my brother about it. He was, I think, slightly sceptical (plus disadvantaged by a very rural broadband connection, to be fair). He told me he'd bought a Count Basie CD compilation, for £10. I Spotified (you read the word here first!) Count Basie and found 2062 tracks - including some wonderful collaborations with Ray Charles, from the 60s, which I'd never have imagined let alone heard. I even listened to a bit of Lily Allen's new one, actually, she's quite good. Spotisurf, there's another new word. Probably, the music industry velociraptors will kill it off, so enjoy while you can.
I'll be coming back to this topic of sustainable internet business models sometime soon, you've been warned.

2. Google Earth 5.0. I've only scratched the surface, but it's a whole new world (gawd, did I write that??)

3. I'm shortly going to post a joky 55 second John Lee Hooker/Jimmy Reed number of mine on Acidplanet, BECAUSE I CAN!!


  1. I'm off to spotisurf, then look for parked UFOs on Google earth and finally check out Acid Planet BECAUSE IT'S THERE.

  2. Hey yes I've got stupified by spotify also! Excellent. Well spotted.
    Basie was £3.98 actually, not £10.
    Must get my hifi connected to the laptop somehow. That should be wireless by now, any clues, early-adopter guru?
    Haven't tried submarining in g-earth 5 yet though.