Saturday, 21 March 2009

Strange vehicles

1. A bicycle is tied to a lamppost across the road. It was there for most of January, and the whole of February. It got knocked over several times, but then got picked up. Then it disappeared for three days. Then it reappeared, on the same lamppost.

2. A white van is parked in the Close beside my house. It's been there for at least three years, but isn't abandoned - the tax disc is renewed on time every November. It belongs to a woman who lives across the road. Every three months or so, at a weekend, she drives it away on Saturday and brings it back on Sunday.

I was going to take photos to illustrate this post, but of course, today they've both gone off on their mysterious random excursions. I find myself trying to think my way into these people's lives, the logic of this strange behaviour. I can't. I'm not a novelist.


  1. Take care, you don't want to end up like Google street view & have to take them down.

  2. This has got me intrigued. I'll be thinking about this far too much.

  3. Is there a correlation between bicycle & white van disappearances? Could the bicycle be transported within the white van?

    So many questions, so little time....

    Did you see I started?

  4. I reckon the white van owner is crossing the channel on Saturday and filling up with stuff to sell.
    The bike is mine, problem solved.