Thursday, 9 April 2009


I'm off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow morning, for the grand seasonal opening. Strange how complicated the process of returning to a stripped-down simple environment can be. Can I remember what I need to take? (I have notes, obviously, but are they complete and accurate?) Is the car fed and watered? (yes) What will the ground conditions be like? (I have to drive across 100 yards of sometimes soggy ground to reach my parking spot beside the van - once had to call Joseph out with his tractor to tow me out from a quagmire - then I have to lie flat on my back to reinstall the plumbing, not nice in a bog or rain) ... and then, will there be flies inside the van, and will the fridge have broken down again, making me spend the afternoon bleach sponging lethal mould spores off everything ...

And then I'll get there, and it'll be stripped-down simple, beautiful and challenging, and I'll think 'I could live like this'. Except that there's no mains water supply, sewerage or internet access. But the view and the walks are pretty good.

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  1. Sounds a wonderful place. Have a great time and listen to the rain on the windows.
    I used to live in a place called Cold comfort Farm (named before the book)down there. Beautiful.