Sunday, 26 April 2009

London Marathon

Several family members partook in this today, here are their results:

  • Alex (nephew): finished in under 3 1/2 hours. An athlete, excels at all his usual sports (football, golf etc) but first time he's done a marathon, so good result!
  • Chris (niece's fiance): finished in under 5 1/2 hours. Wouldn't claim to be an athlete, first significant sporting effort of any kind, I think he'd agree ... So he must be over the moon, think that's the technical term, at making it all the way round.
  • Alan (brother-in-law): finished in under 6 hours. Alan has run quite a few marathons around the world over the years. He was worried this time, as a muscle in his right leg had been playing up a lot during training. On the day, that muscle was fine; but he tripped over a plastic bottle and did in the same muscle in his left leg ... The Law of Sod strikes!
  • Linda and Georgie (sister-in-law and niece): got severely sunburnt as on-the-spot spectators.
  • Tim (me): managed a good hour of watching the TV coverage this morning.

So, all have done well and all should have prizes.


  1. Hurray for all the runners - and the spectators of course - you all did really well.

    When I watched the first London marathon on tv all those years ago (1981) I was so inspired by the atmosphere and enthusiasm that I determined to run it myself but some training highlighted an ankle problem which scuppered all hopes of running 5 miles, let alone 25.

    My ankle has been playing up this weekend, probably in sympathy with all the brave runners.
    Well done!

  2. They did jolly well. I only managed to watch twenty minutes from my rocking chair.

  3. Yes well done to all concerned. We saw nothing of it. We were walking in the woods (& on the coast). Running is not something I am into.
    Bluebells(best in HD if you can cope with the access speed)