Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spotify experiment ...

Carla Bley – The Lord Is Listenin to Ya Halleluja!

An amazing, laugh-out-loud trombone solo which Rick and I found last night around the start of bottle #2, spotisurfing via his vague memory and my undoubted expertise, ha ha... He had to phone his daughter at about 11.30 to slurredly rave about it, to Ellie's slight bewilderment I think.
This link should work, if you've installed Spotify. (If you can but haven't, you really should; if you can't yet, commiserations, hopefully it'll be along soon.) Let me know.


  1. Spotify just tell me to type in my email and wait for an invitation? Or are you paying a subsciption?

  2. Magic! Have got the whole Carla Bley Live! album now which is superb. I also love Song Sung Long.
    Thanks for the intro.

    Also worth a visit: