Friday, 12 February 2010

The sieve of dreams?

Yesterday morning I woke up to find on the bedside table a small notepad, with written on it the words 'solder seive'. Spelling aside, this was a mystery. I don't keep a notepad by the bed. So, sometime during the night, I concluded, I must have got up and gone downstairs, found this pad (and a pen), and gone back up in order to write this note to myself. This isn't normal behaviour for me. I had no recollection of any of this. But even more perplexingly, I had no idea what it meant.

After a few hours, as the rest of the day crowded in on me, I more or less forgot about it, or thrust it to the back of my mind - putting it down as just a particularly vivid instance of the weird psychotropic processes that happen when we think we're asleep. A tribute to the hallucinatory powers of sloe gin, perhaps. I remembered Paul McCartney's famous epiphanic revelation when (admittedly while on an acid trip) he discovered, and wrote down, the secret of the universe - which turned out, next day, to be 'There are Seven Layers'.

So, today I had occasion to dig out an infrequently used sieve (in order to drain a smaller-than usual amount of pasta, since you ask), and discovered that one part of its two-pronged handle had broken loose - something a dab of solder will easily fix.

Makes you wonder, don't it? Anyway, I've left the pad and pen by the bed.

What are your epiphanic revelations?


  1. Unpicking this, I've worked out that the two events - the taking up of the notepad and the writing of the note - were separate, the first when I staggered up to bed at about 1.00 am, the second sometime later that night. So that makes it a bit less spooky, but also less of a story.
    I assume that no-one knows what 'epiphanic' means. Well, it means 'revelatory' - so I actually wrote 'revelatory revelation', a truistic solecism if ever there was one.

  2. I can just imagine if I tried that, I'd knock all my computer screens & loudspeakers off the desk trying to find the pen.

    You could also assume that no-one knows what solecism means. I presume (or assume) that it's the sloe-gin slur for solar-system, in an obscure reference to the question of upon which of the universal layers we are currently sitting.

    Or stretching the imagination & the gin a little further it could even be where you got your solder-sieve from.
    (This is a bit like slurring generals)