Thursday, 10 June 2010


As I lay awake in my bed in the caravan, breathing, unable to sleep for the sound of the waves crushing the pebbles on the beach down below, and the way they counterpointed with my heartbeat as it pounded up into my ear through the pillow, I thought about the pulse of life, and where it comes from.  The sea, the breath, the heart.

We started in the sea, then crawled out, so that wave pulse must be somehow dissolved into our bodies.  We grew lungs and hearts that have to breath and beat rhythmically, or we die.  So those are where it comes from.

But then we learnt to walk!  And once you no longer need to walk just to survive, eventually you find out how to dance.  And once you've got the hang of walking and dancing, you have the fundaments of humanity.  Everything else follows.  So, civilisation is founded in the rhythm of the sea, isn't it?

I'll dance to that!


  1. Blimey Cos thats deep or was it the Pinot Grigio

  2. Both. (Rioja actually.) I posted it after the World Cup opening concert, where someone said 'we're all Africans' (which is true), then I fell to musing and concluded that actually, if you get back to it, we're all fish ...

  3. Well your writings are full of must publish something!