Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I'm not normally one to brag in public (in private, to myself, that's another thing), but this is special.  So let it be known that today I prepared the following:

A batch of celeriac and leek soup, to be frozen for Boxing Day;
A chicken and lentil curry (murghi aur masoor dal), also for Boxing Day;
A cauldron of minestrone containing seven vegetables (eight if you count the bay leaf);
A batch of ragu al bolognese;
A wholemeal loaf.
Oh, and a gin and tonic.

Look on my works and despair!

Only trouble is, I'm not really hungry now.  Think I'll just make an omelette.


  1. I've made the chestnut stuffing, halfway through the piroghies, wrapped presents. Tomorow I'm cooking a turkey, roast potatoes, homegrown brussel sprouts, gravy , carrots...brag, sound like a great cook.

  2. Me too, Tim! I made minestrone too! Only we've eaten most of it already. But all I'm making for tomorrow is orange slices in syrup + Grand Marnier + candied orange peel, so I'm going to Rosie's.

  3. Thank you Annie, nice to hear from you. Oranges are the best fruit, especially in the form of Grand Marnier.
    Rosie, what are piroghies, please?