Monday, 21 February 2011

King Pleasure Moody's Mood For Love

Sheer perfection.  You have to hum 'I'm in the Mood for Love' along with it to really get it.  I sang this in public a few times in 1965!


  1. 1965..And there I was fighting with my brother because he drew moustaches on all my Beatle bubblegum cards.

    This is a complicated song to sing. Did you sing both parts, hee, hee?

  2. Your brother was prescient - they all had moustaches two years later!

    I did sing both parts, I think - but only because Georgie Fame, from whose version I copied it, did. I'm sure you know the provenence of this song - lyrics written to James Moody's sax solo on I'm in the Mood for Love - but if you look it up on Wikipedia, you'll notice the name Genya Ravan. She was Goldie (of the Gingerbreads), whom Dave Anthony's Moods backed on a UK tour in 1966. Goes around, comes around.

  3. There I go there I go there I go therrrre I go!
    Your brother (me) remembers that this is the last track on my first jazz album - 1964 - which you probably said I should buy. The Jazz Greats of Modern Times. That album introduced me to previously unheard of (to me) names like er, Duke, Gerry, Art (2), Herbie (Mann not Hancock), Billie, Trane, MJQ whose Main Theme from Odds Against Tomorrow I just loved. But Moody's Mood was always my favourite. I really must look out the vinyl, except I have nothing to play it on anymore :{ But at least I can download.
    I remember Goldie also, from at least one of your gigs.