Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I'm sorry, the content of this post cannot be divulged.  In fact I shouldn't be telling you that it exists.  Or that I'm the person telling you all this.  Please don't spill the beans, or someone will have to send in the judges.  If they exist.  Everything is banned henceforth.  But I'm not allowed to tell you that.


  1. .

    (    78rpm .)


  2. This post has not been removed by the author.

  3. Actually everyone in this present universe has taken out a super-duper-uber-injunction (not to be confused with the more ritzy super-trouper-abba-injunction) but no-one knows (not even I know about mine). It's part of a cunning plan. But no-one knows what the plan is (except Brian Cox who I suspect (but can't divulge) is in direct contact with the other universe but they've taken out a universal injunction to stop him telling us).

    This is how it will be all the time when News International rules the universe, in a year or so.

  4. Rog - I honestly don't know. I have been to Nor****. But I'm sure we can settle out of court.

    Rosie - that's a very coot response.

    Christopher - I'm putting my anti-redaction team at Bletchley on to this allegation. But I think it was a 45 when I had it.

    Soaring - I trust you can prove that.

  5. What the non-removal or the Brian Cox bit? Keep up.

  6. Oh, the former of course. Must be due to the time difference between here and Devon. I wasn't going to respond to the other one, as I am FURIOUS at having Supertrouper implanted into my brain for the rest of the evening. I might have to put the Ying Tong Song on.

  7. Sorry.
    I have a dream, I do I do I do, that knowing me, knowing you, the winner takes it all. That's the name of the game.

  8. As for the proof, what more do you need? It's extant.
    It's the product of an enormous & encyclopaedic brain!
    So please don't call upon the author to explain!
    Funnily enough Polly Jean is on Jools tonight (she an old flame of the Cave man). Plus the Unthanks. And Lykke Li (?)
    But I'm probably not allowed to tell you that.