Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mr Tambourine Man

In honour of Jim Dickson, who produced the original in 1965 and died recently aged 80.


  1. This single encapsulated the 1960's for me - I loved it. I used to go around looking over my shades for about two years looking a complete pratt.

    I heard Roger McGuinn once say that he was the only member of the band allowed to play on it - the others were replaced by session players. His "Eight Miles High" is equally enthralling.

  2. Yes, and when the Bobster saunters on, despite the spoiler in the title, you connect, don't you? He even smiles once, and seems to remember some of the lyrics.
    I would kill for a Rickenbacker 12-string.

  3. "Wow, you can dance to that!"
    Robert A Zimmerman


    Seems to be a lot of current interest in these guys who are getting to or have achieved seventy. Who would have thought it in '63?
    McCartney does it next summer along with a few other good old rockers.

    That can only be a good thing can't it?

  4. Oh! I always thought Dylan wrote that. Great song...although I have heard the William Shatner version which is truely frightening.In fact...I think I feel it coming on...

  5. Yes, Rosie, Dylan certainly wrote it, but the Byrds had the hit. It was the record that turned Dylan on to the possibilities of going electric.
    And now you've posted that Shatner version and I'm going to have to listen to it. AAAAAAAAAAARGH...