Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bearing Debts...

They've been on a bit of a bender,
The Eurozone's champion spender;
But the Oracle speaks:
"We shall bail out those Greeks;
Just one caveat: no referenda!"

Alternative lines 3 - 4:
But we'll bail out those Greeks
(and curate their antiques) -


  1. Tim, this would have been perfect for Poetry24

  2. Poor Greece. I was listening to the radio this morning - it was probably From Our Own Correspondent - and the reporter was reminiscing about how happy the Greeks were to join the Euro countries, they felt it was such a positive step after breaking out from life under the Colonels.

  3. Alternative lines 3 - 4:

    Papnadreou just garbles
    Now we've all lost our marbles...

  4. Nice to meet you, came through Sarah. It's all just taramousalata (sp?) to me.

  5. Martin, I wasn't really clued up on Poetry24, but now that I am, watch this space. (Although I only normally write one poem per decade.)
    Z - Poor Greeks, but not poor Greece. I feel sorry for the Greeks, well some of them. But they connived with corruption and criminality without much thought to the consequences. Can't go on with this rant here.
    Rog - like it! Please deliver lines 1, 2 and 5. No, on second thoughts, don't bother, there'll be a new crisis (Gr Krisis) by this time Monday.
    ALW - nice to meet you too! There's a joke about taramousalata and hummus (sp too!) being a double dip ...