Thursday, 19 April 2012

I'm so organised


In Tray:

Filing Cabinet:



  1. Blimey, £872 for a car service?!!

    You should switch to a Fiat Punto and employ secretarial services.

    No, don't thank me....

  2. I still remember the look of horror when I once told my line manager I had filed a whole load of redundant documents in the round, grey filing cabinet, before sending them to a remote storage facility.

  3. Thank you, Rog. You weren't meant to see that; I have now redacted the photo. Or re-enacted to be precise. Please forget my credit card number too.
    To be fair to BMW, I did get a new high pressure fuel pump and lots of other stuff for my money, and the goodwill claim is in the pipeline.

    Martin, yes, I used to have one of those. Cylindrical rather than round, to be pedantic. In fact, I'm going to B&Q tomorrow, so may buy another one, plus a box of matches.

  4. The simple solution. Always works. And I like the colour scheme for the intray.

  5. I used the word, 'round', for the benefit of my manager. This was a university, after all.

  6. But that toast-rack? To have seen papers stacked in it and pieces of toast strewn over the desk in various stages of being eaten would have indicated an even more individual sense of priorities.

  7. You are like the Sage, who also has a horizontal in tray. Mine is vertical.

  8. Now there's an idea. I actually have two toast racks like that - six slots in each - so I can sort my intray into twelve vertical categories before burning them. O frabjous joy!