Sunday, 30 December 2012

It’s Quiz Time!

Everybody’s doing it, so here’s my 2012 Quiz of the Year.

1.      Who didn’t skyfall?

2.      Which tower of strength may have been dug up in a car park?

3.      Is there life on Mars?

4.      Where did water start just after it was stopped?

5.      Of what water-related asset was it said, in June: “Prices have bottomed out and investors feel this is a good time to buy.”?

6.      Who is ending the year even more pasty-faced?

7.      Two events proved that the world won’t end just because someone says it will.  Identify them both.

8.      How did someone earn £8,000 a day for knowing nothing?

9.      What illumination has finally gone out?

And lastly, an easy one:

10.  Who threw the best blog party of the year?


  1. 1. Chicken Little

    10. You?

    2 - 9 No idea. Could I have 8 grand for knowing nothing, please?

  2. The answer to 6 & 8 is Ed Balls.

  3. I wish I'd thought of this.

    1. The Queen.

    2. Richard III

    3. Is there life in Peckham?

    4. pass

    5. toilet paper?

    6. Mr Staypuff?

    7, 8, 9 - pass, pass and pass.

    10. Z! (to whom I should probably apologise for not listing said party as one of my highlights of 2012).

  4. 1. Me!
    2. The previous skyfaller???
    3. Nope just a dead Beagle
    4. Bwhahahahahaha... I know this... My old house!
    5. Seriously??? This is my old house!
    6. Crosses arms. Looks LEFT at ROG
    7. There have been many times I've overreacted. You want just two??
    8. Wish't I knew...
    9. That will be the boiler light at the old house...
    10. Back on this one after I've let the nominees know my vote is, erm, available...

  5. 1 the queen
    2 richard the discontent
    3 of course there is
    4 from the sky
    5 gold
    6 me (probably, see me at midnight)
    7 Mayan calendar and me
    8 god I wish I knew, I'd be excellent at that
    9 the olympic flame
    10 Z

    What have I won?

  6. i only know one thing, and that is that the best blog/birthday party I went to this year was yours. Happy 2013, darling.

  7. But thanks to Liz and Zig xxx

  8. Oh, I just enjoyed reading all the others - but 10 Z. definitely - though if you'd said birthday party that would have been difficult.
    Happy New year.

  9. Some wonderfully inventive answers, which gave me a bundle of laughs, as well as some serious head-scratching - thank you all very much. Three or four of them were actually correct (or at least what I had in mind). I'll publish the 'right' answers separately soon.