Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dedicated Follower?

Well!  What I know about fashion could be written on the back of an H&M thong; but I see from today’s Guardian that David Cameron’s preferred version of ‘smart casual’ is a pale blue cotton shirt and un-ironed navy chinos.

Well again!  I have been wearing precisely that (not all the time, you understand, but quite often - as I type, in fact) for at least a decade.  Indeed, if you check out Google Earth’s aerial view of my back garden, you can just discern me ducking into the garage precisely thusly attired.  (You can’t see my shoes, though.  Nor his, but I bet they’re not M&S flip-flops.)

 I knew there was a lot of surveillance and stuff going on, but this smacks of desperation.  Hands off my style, Dave, or I’m going to have to employ one of those image consultants you hear about.  That’ll show you!

Still, at least I don’t roll my sleeves halfway up.  But I’m probably not as busy as him.


  1. You don't seem like a rat-fink so I'm guessing you didn't wear rat-fink shirts? As for halfway up sleeves- well!
    For the youngsters: they were the (usually striped) shirts with a contrasting all-white collar.

  2. Now the G8 summit line up looks more like Man-at-C-&-A-casuals 1976 I've given up all hope.

  3. I did note no ties, but then I've always pondered the necessity of a little silk around the neck of a man, unless of course to hang him.

  4. Di - never! I seem to remember detached collars, with studs, at one time. Must've been my mother's idea to save washing (the smelly bits don't show, do they?)

    Rog, yes, they're embarrassing, aren't they? Their clothes too. Putin's high-buttoned shirt looks a bit menacing, though - bit debt-collectorish.

    ~Zig - I agree, ties are of no use whatsoever, especially to already-hung men.

  5. Picked up some denim jeans from M&S last week, for £15. Apparently, older men can wear denim. Well, that's okay, then.

  6. I haven't got over the mental image of the H&M thong yet. Nor the thought of the discomfort it must cause you.

  7. Martin, it makes no difference what they cost - £15, £1500 (I once bought a pair from ~Tesco for £2.50) - DENIM JEANS ARE A NO-FLY ZONE! Chinos are the only P.C. trews.

    Z - I wouldn't, and will never, know. Could probably reroute you to relevant sites, but it's time for my Horlicks.

  8. that reminds me of a joke ...

    q. How can you tell if a man is well hung?

    a. You can't get your fingers between his neck and the noose

    ta da!

  9. Not having seen the Guardian I googled David Cameraon images. A bit scary but thankfully, no thongs.

  10. Oh thank you so much for that, Mig. Luckily I'd had my breakfast. There are a few interlopers, though, aren't there? (Did I spot Hugh Grant in there? Perhaps it's his next role ...)