Monday, 7 September 2015

Buzzy Caravan Visit

As I’ve said so often, always something different!  This time, insects.  Two earwigs had managed to find their way into the earwig-wide space between the glass splashback behind the bob, and the wall.  This splashback is secured by two pozidriv screws, which I had to loosen in order to insert a knife and entice them out.  I wish I could say I rescued them, rehabilitated them, and released them into the wild, but actually I squashed them with a bit of kitchen towel.
Be thankful that I’d forgotten to take the camera.
Then a bumblebee with a body as big as a Luques olive (I know this, I had a bowl of said olives on the table at the time) came in through the window right next to my head, just as I was settling down to a G&T and the early evening news.  I thought: do nothing.  Sure enough, it buzzed around the room for a bit, decided the news was too distressing (as had I), and exited the same way it had entered. Mutual relief there, I reckon.
And just before going to bed (this was all on Saturday evening) I killed three mosquitoes with three swipes of the swatter!  Fly-swatting is probably the closest I’ll get now to a racquet sport, since I gave up table tennis at the age of seventeen.
That’s about it.  Oh, except for the latest ‘THINK!’ sign on the Reading traffic information boards on my way back today:  “THINK!  TAKE MORE TIME TO LOOK FOR BIKES!”  Try as I may, I can’t make this mean anything.


  1. It sounds an eventful visit. There have been a lot of insects here, as there is a wasps' nest by the down-pipe near my side door. Fortunately, the wasps seem to be dying off now, they were a bit stingy. When I was clearing Roses' gutter, I found a nesting box with an insect nest in - I thought it was an old one and prodded it and then had to watch out for hornets. Luckily, they are not bad-tempered beasts and just bumbled around for a bit.

    I have no idea what a pozidriv screw is. I know Phillips and ordinary screws, but that's about it.

  2. Eventful? You don't know the half of it! On Sunday I went to Tesco and got a new bin for the kitchen!!! Blockbuster movie rights negotiable.

  3. A pozidriv screw is more or less the same as a Phillips, in fact,tbh I can't be sure which these were, I just liked to type the word pozidriv.
    Oh, and I've just noticed that I typoed 'bob', which should of course have been 'hob'.

    1. Well, I think it's a word to adopt. I shall use nothing but pozidriv screws in future. And I read what you meant, not what you wrote.