Thursday, 24 July 2008


Sadly, not a fishing village on the Moray Firth, but an observation from our Leader's appearance at the Great British Bishops Protest March today (where were the fuzz, for G*d's sake?)

Seems he's had a facial expression makeover. That curious, oddly insecure sucking in of the lower lip whenever he needs to take breath has almost vanished (at least in the presence of Bishops), replaced by a faux-Churchillian jutting chin and firmly clamped jaws at the end of every sentence. Is this an image shift, or is he just getting ready for a fortnight in Southwold? Or a year on the stump?


  1. False alarm. On tonight's news he's back to that weak-jawed suck-in which makes everyone think he's a bit, well, wierd. His image consultants need help.

  2. Sorry. I said wierd. I meant weird. 'i before e except after c' - who made up that wrong rule, sowing the seids of illeteracy ...??