Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Dontcha just hate em?

My state of the art colour photo-quality Epson great big chunk of plastic refuses, under extreme duress, to print out a simple black and white email, on the grounds that it's run out of something called light cyan. The option of asking it to just use the black ink has apparently been withdrawn, or at least I can't find it in the murky depths of the menus.

Tomorrow, I'm off to PC World to find a disposable printer which only requires black ink, at let's say £5 a barrel ...


  1. Mine is just the same - it's been saying it is low on - light cyan - for a while now but as I only print in black, why should the light cyan even be slightly used. Perhaps there is more to black than meets the eye!

  2. I have a Canon that requires a separate cartidge for each colour of the rainbow or so it seems + 2 black ones. There is always one of them bringing up a warning that it is low. Juggling them is like catching the end of the rainbow. But I also have a black only LaserJet that does the black only job; I only print with the Canon to get colour. So why do I need 2 black cartidges?