Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mercury Music prize

I tipped Elbow months ago, long before they were even nominated! (Should have put something on.) I buy a lot of records, still, but this was one that really moved me in a seldom seen way. Congrats to them,and thanks to R&J for introducing me.
I'll watch out for next year's hot tip.


  1. and thanks for the tip Tim. Great band. and crop up in the most unlikely places - a trailer for a George Clooney film and on the south west news piece about local Olympic success. Throw those curtains wide!

  2. Yeah, I stood up and applauded, out loud, when Jules announced it. Guy Garvey's a guy you'd enjoy a pint with, I think. And as you say 'throw those curtains wide' is up there with the alltime great pop lyric one-liners ... (now there's a thought: what are the other ones? Only one that crosses my mind at the moment, not thinking too hard, is Dylan's 'I've got a toothache in my heel'. Though now the punchline of the Ad Libs' 'Give Him a Great Big Kiss' runs it near ('So how does he dance?' 'Close. Very very close')