Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Scientists have now proved that these do NOT cause cholesterol, as long as you don't fry them. A refreshingly frank scientist said something like 'well, we did think that, but when new evidence comes in, we change our minds'.
More importantly, the spokesperson for the British Egg Foundation (or thereabouts) is called Ms Egerton. Sorry, I'm still a schoolboy at heart.

The plumber came to fix my overflow again (a different plumber from the one who fixed it three weeks ago). Without looking at anything, he told me I needed a new hot water cylinder. I suggested he have a look anyway; he went up into the loft and had a look, then came down and told me he'd fixed it, by bending the arm on the ball valve a bit (something I learnt to do when I was about eight).
Never go for a simple solution if a more complicated one is available. He was a nice guy though.


  1. I'm assuming you must live on the same egg layline. What are the odds of both posting about eggs on the same day?

  2. Non capisco. Who else posted eggs?