Saturday, 21 February 2009

First Bee

My patio, 1 p.m. today, temperature 16C.
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  1. My patio was also 16 C and I too found a bee - but it was dead. I buried it with the woodlouse I found legs up under the sofa.

  2. 14 degrees here. There was a bee on the lavender plant two weeks ago but haven't seen one since.

  3. Remarkable. Sue, do you spend a lot of time looking for woodlice under the sofa?

  4. This correspondence is starting to look dangerously twitterish. Culpa mea! (or however you spell that)

  5. These are obviously some of the bees that Queenie lost in Lark Rise last night.

    But they are from the apoidea family, not culpamea.

    Tweet tweet

  6. Queenie's bees came back but she didn't mention that one was missing. I'll stop twittering now! And no, I only look under the sofa once a year when the sun is shining - must be some stone age instinct that women have to clean in the spring when the sun shines! Anyone else get this?

  7. Did they have sofas back then?

    The word verification I got to allow me to post this was "gools"

    I like that. Who writes these things?

    Gawd I just thought - maybe no-one else has to go through word verification. How embarrassing if so.