Monday, 9 March 2009

and another book ...

'Innocent when you Dream' - Tom Waits, The Collected Interviews.

I'm only halfway through, but it might be another late night ...
He talks like he sings, in fact half the verbal flights in here could be songs (and for all I know are).
Just as a taster, here he is on Keith Richards:

"He's the best. He's like a tree frog, an orang-utan. When he plays he looks like he's been dangled from a wire that comes up through the back of his neck, and he can lean at a forty-five-degree angle and not fall over. You think he has special shoes. But maybe it's the music that's keeping him up."

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  1. He has an incredibly visual style but then he's sort of a poet, songwriter, singer, actor all rolled into one. The books sounds worth reading.