Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fred Goodwin's pension

(I've stripped him of his knighthood.) It's obvious that he's going to keep it, he's going to fight tooth, nail and lawyer for it. First up, I'll be relieved - if his is safe, mine must surely be? (For those who don't know, I too am an RBS pensioner!)

So once he gets it, what's he going to do with it? It's more money than it is physically possible to spend on yourself. I've been trying to think of ways of doing that. £14,000 a week, for ever: even if I dined solely on Petrus, Beluga, Tuscan truffles every single day 24/365, a new vintage Bugatti every six months, houses on every planet, more art than you could ever have time to look at, the money will still keep piling up - and actually, it'd get pretty boring after a month or two. The kind of reaction that drifts across my mind is 'oh good, now I've got all this money, so I don't need to do anything any more...' Poor man.

Perhaps, like Bill and Warren, he'll set up the Fred Goodwin Foundation. Now wouldn't that be fun?


  1. With a bit of luck he'll have to spend most of it on security guards.

  2. Morally it's totally wrong that any one person should be paid that amount of money, especially considering what he was responsible for - but on the other hand I can understand his attitude which was that it was approved and signed off and no-one complained at the time so he probably thanked his lucky stars and decided to keep it. I cn't ever imagine anyone saying 'no thanks, that's too much'.

    Re spending it, I think even I, as a woman would have a slight problem spending all that every week but I'd have a damned good try!

    Tim, do you think my RBS credit card will be ok? I put the albums on it!!