Thursday, 28 May 2009

Neighbourhood Watch

Just got back from a boozy watch meeting, which was mostly about fending off invaders who take the form of predatory property developers. (Details on application, but rather you didn't.)

Anyway, we were sitting outside in Sarah's garden, discussing how we might get our locale listed or protected, to fend off said etc etc, when suddenly these huge insect things start dive bombing us. Stag beetles? Mayflies? Nigel, who's a professor of this sort of stuff, reckoned stag beetles, because they're the rarest and so most protected - we can get some kind of 'site of special scientific interest stag beetle' status and so fend off the predatory house-building invaders ...

At about this point Clare and a few others announced that they were getting insect bitten and so had, reluctantly, to leave. I hope the stags didn't get them on the way. I stayed on for a few more reds, as you can see.

Off to Sandbanks tomorrow, for some reason.


  1. You could present stag beetles and lay lines for extra protection. Say it's marked site in the Domesday Book.
    We have tiger mosquitoes here. You don't want a bite from one of those!

  2. You are very lucky - my neighbourhood watch meetings are posh coffee mornings, with scones (or scOnes) and two sorts of coffee - no red. There is very little crime around here (at the moment) but there is a spate of catnapping in the next village and I don't mean dropping off on the sofa in the afternoon.

    Have been out and bought two large citronella candles today as we shall be sitting out with friends on the moorings tomorrow evening and don't want to be buzzed by tiger mosquitos or stag beetles. I don't think citronella will effect the bats, ducks or canada geese.

    It's the famous (?) 3 Rivers Race tomorrow so look out for some exciting photographs soon ;-O