Friday, 25 September 2009

Wrong word

In my post earlier this evening I used the word 'amorphous' to describe the culture mix of old Calabria, as documented by Norman Douglas, but it's not quite right. What I'm looking for is an adjective that captures the result, visual or saporous, of stirring various fruit syrups or purees - strawberry, blackcurrant, apple, lime - into a bowl of white yoghurt, enough to make them cross over into each other and be impossible to isolate back out, but not enough to blend them into amorphousness.

I know, it's a big ask! My new Roget's Thesaurus doesn't help at all, waste of thirty quid that was (although it did yield up 'saporous' just now).

As you can tell, there's bog-all on the telly tonight. Off to Spotify some music (Florence and the Machine, my current fave rave I think).


  1. mess
    that's the word you seek

    words is interesting. the new quiches in our local shop (& everything else) are named things like "The Co-operative Quiche Lorraine"
    They are SO much better than those bloody-minded effing bastard ASBO quiches we used to put up with.
    Or was it the ASDA ones we hated?

  2. How about blobby or, if describing your example, yummy.