Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bird news

The leaves have now all fallen or been blown off the vine, exposing the bunches of useless grapes, which the blackbirds have just discovered. Oh, but those grapes will ferment won't they? So I might have a garden full of drunk birds by Christmas.

As I went down the Close to the car this morning, a pheasant wandered past. That's not meant to happen in town centres, is it? Still, the foxes will have got him by now I expect.


  1. That's funny...from your blog I thought you lived in the country. A pheasant used to visit my father every morning by the back door in the Lakes. It ate toast.

  2. Catching up on blogs, I need to know if the pheasant had butter and marmalade on the toast, as we have now got one which comes into our back garden occasionally. By the time I have managed to get the camera out and assembled, it has disappeared. I shall persevere. That's why I need to know about the toast so I know what to tempt it with.