Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Loss of E

Ages ago, I wrote a post bewailing the (temporary, as it turned out) loss of the letter Q from my keyboard, and as a punchline thanked the lord it wasn't E.  Rosie commented 'hop it gts fixd', which still makes me laugh when I think of it, as I did for absolutely no reason just now.

So, how many words can you put down, on your blog or in your book, without using that lost button?  Intriguing, I think.  An author, long ago, did a full book of it.  So far, I can just about attain this short paragraph.  What a stupid task to try, what a daft ambition!  I'm going to stop this right now, it's starting to turn a bit silly, not to say into an addiction ...  I'm off for a gin.  And tonic.  Chrs.


  1. H , H , H . That's a good on.

  2. And I thought we should be concerned about the shortage of Bees.

  3. As with non-stipulation of correct answers to win prizes, there appears to be no stipulation that the words have to actually be properly spelt words. So I offer:

    "I hav, myslf, full confidnc that if all do thir duty, if nothing is nglctd, and if th bst arrangmnts ar mad, as thy ar bing mad, w shall prov ourslvs onc again abl to dfnd our Island hom, to rid out th storm of war, and to outliv th mnac of tyranny, if ncssary for yars, if ncssary alon. At any rat, that is what w ar going to try to do. That is th rsolv of His Majsty's Govrnmnt-vry man of thm. That is th will of Parliamnt and th nation. Th British mpir and th Frnch Rpublic, linkd togthr in thir caus and in thir nd, will dfnd to th dath thir nativ soil, aiding ach othr lik good comrads to th utmost of thir strngth. vn though larg tracts of urop and many old and famous Stats hav falln or may fall into th grip of th Gstapo and all th odious apparatus of Nazi rul, w shall not flag or fail. W shall go on to th nd, w shall fight in Franc, w shall fight on th sas and ocans, w shall fight with growing confidnc and growing strngth in th air, w shall dfnd our Island, whatvr th cost may b, w shall fight on th bachs, w shall fight on th landing grounds, w shall fight in th filds and in th strts, w shall fight in th hills; w shall nvr surrndr, and vn if, which I do not for a momnt bliv, this Island or a larg part of it wr subjugatd and starving, thn our mpir byond th sas, armd and guardd by th British Flt, would carry on th struggl, until, in God's good tim, th Nw World, with all its powr and might, stps forth to th rscu and th libration of th old."

  4. Rosie - is that h, h, h as in 'he, he, he'? Dirty laughs are normally only permitted on Scarlet Blue's blog.
    Rog - nice to hear from you. I covered Bs a few posts back; they have more than enough Is to see them through.
    Soaring - the absence of stipulation does not entail assumption of non-stipulation. Also, no prizes. Also, Churchill never txtd.

  5. No...that's Hee, hee, hee. Anyway how to do spell a dirty Laugh? Is that the same as an infectious laugh?

  6. Bit tricky this one, good going on this blog post which got us all thinking.