Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Only 156 rejoicing days to go

Or 3,700-odd rejoicing hours, or ... no, can't do the minutes, because although they've announced the day, they haven't yet set the time, and I don't want to commit lese-majeste.  It'll probably be about three o'clock.  The BBC's rapidly expanding squad of Royal reporters, this evening, hadn't got round  to speculating on that.  Or perhaps the Mail has already snazzled the exclusive.

Question is, can we sustain frabjous joy that long?  Back in 1947 or 1981, it didn't arise.  Expectations were calibrated differently.  But now, the paradox seems to be that it all has to happen much faster, whilst lasting much longer.  (That's why Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity had to be invented.)  There's plenty of material, of course: which coach she'll turn up in; the dress; the honeymoon; what exactly will be promised at the altar, given certain precedents ...  Actually, all this must have been worked out in advance.  As Pa said, they've been practising long enough: spoken, I feel, from personal experience...

By the way, has anybody else noticed when Easter is next year?  Or the May bank holiday?  Look it up.  Clue: the country gets a fortnight off work.  I'll be in Wales, I think.  William is going to be their prince sometime, after all.


  1. Yes indeed. Take 3 days leave for an 11 day holiday (unless you work weekends & public holidays). I suspect Britain will effectively be closed for business from lunchtime Thursday 21st April until Tuesday 3rd May. What nefarious advantages can be achieved from this during the extended W&K holiday? Perhaps one could acquire an Irish Bank for the price of a Guinness whilst no-one was looking.

  2. That would be a half of Guinness, to be sure.

    Oh & my daughter was named Katharine so she could be Kate (which she is). What's all this about Kate Middleton being actually Catherine? Shouldn't she be Cate as in Blanchett? But then Cate B has played queen already: Elizabeth I. And Catherine Middleton's middle name is Elizabeth. And Cate Blanchett's middle name is Elise. That's all kinda creepy.

  3. My middle name is Elizabeth so is my grandaughter's and so was Nicola's mother-in-law and I have a friend named Elizabeth - spooky ;)