Wednesday, 11 May 2011


In 2005, someone invented a new kind of alarm clock, imaginatively called 'Clocky'.  When you hit the snooze button, Clocky (who you presumably have to leave on the floor) rolls away and hides somewhere in the bedroom, forcing you to get out of bed to find him.

I did not make that up.  But it got me thinking about other potential applications of this principle.  Car keys is the obvious one - they go and hide, or disguise themselves as a bowl of Twiglets or something, when they scent alcohol.  Any others?

I was also reminded of the classic 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' sketch from way back when cordless phones had just been invented.  Anyone remember that one?  It was funny at the time.


  1. No don't remember it, are you going to tell us?
    This reminds me of my invention for which I have not yet found a backer - the blank wristwatch for business executives on holiday. Blank watch face, just allows you to set one alarm a day (say happy hour). So that when he or she habitually looks at their watch it reminds them they are on holiday & can relax, since time is of no importance.
    It's got to be a winner surely?
    Time will tell. Or not.

  2. OK, you asked for it. A man (Mel Smith I think it was) is in bed. He is woken up by the phone ringing. He gets up and starts looking everywhere for it. The last shot is of him running down the garden in his pyjamas towards the potting shed.
    I warned you - it was hilarious at the time. Some jokes have built-in obsolescence.

  3. Ho Ho, yes, no, that is good. I wonder what today's equivalent would be.
    And that's an interesting topic - obsolescent humour. It ought to be revived.

  4. Your timeless comments on this post (there were some, weren't there?) seem to have slipped through the cracks in Blogger's Friday the Thirteenth moment. You are of course welcome to re-post them, if you can remember what they were. (I certainly can't, so they obviously weren't that timeless.)

  5. It's a time warp moment, very suitable day though wrong movie.