Friday, 19 August 2011


This is seriously loopy.  To put it simplistically, the Volatility Index is a measure of the levels of  'fear' in financial markets, using data drawn from the renowned and reliable, not to say infallible, ratings agency Standard and Poor's.  It's been around in Chicago for years.  So far, so pointless.  But the fun starts here: not only do they measure today's fear, they also calculate predicted fear levels in thirty, sixty and ninety days' time.  Fear futures, in other words.  And best of all, you can trade these futures in the marketplace.  You can buy and sell bets on how afraid market traders might feel by Christmas.  A quick search will put you in touch with people eager to help (at a price of course).

I'll shut up about that now, because my virtual pet snake has just started to eat its own tail again.

In other news, I understand that the markets are seriously jittery at the moment because they don't believe that governments are doing enough to regulate the markets.

And more importantly, have they found Yvonne the Bavarian cow yet?


  1. I heard this on the radio at lunchtime today.

    Whatever next, I though?

    Turned out to be the Archers.

  2. Those snakes are very useful for keeping your socks in. Or tights, I suppose.

  3. Yvonne is surely one of Nassim Taleb's black swan events.

    WV: ollatie - now that's a naughty word if ever I herd Yvonne

  4. Expect they'll find the cow Yvonnetually.

    You people are not taking my financial prowess seriously!

  5. Oops sorry, must be serious (cut to Miranda)
    Financial prowessiveness rules for a moment or two.
    So how much can I flog my fear that my lottery ticket for a £6.8 million jackpot won't come up? What am I bid? Surely the £.8 mill at least?
    No, seriously (cut to Cleese)
    I rather agree with the Peston Question, cutting edge financial prowessiveness at its best:
    Are markets bonkers?
    About as bonkers as the Kakapo (cut to Douglas Adams)

  6. Fear Futures???

    Pfft If William Hill are taking bets on the euro folding that's going to be cheaper than paying brokers' commission....

    Just sayin'