Monday, 15 August 2011

The wee beasties will win

In a neat pull-together of several recent threads, I can report that this tiny spider

builds its web, as often as is necessary, between my two grey bins.  This has been going on for some weeks now.    Whenever I go to wheel the bin out, or sometimes even just open a lid, spider seems to see me coming and whizzes off to the nearest bin, quite happy to sacrifice its finely wrought habitat to a greater power in the interest of survival.  Just after I'd taken the photo, a feral wasp stumbled into the web.  I was hoping to capture a battle royal, but the wasp escaped.  The web was trashed though.

There's a lesson in there somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea what it is. 


  1. Was it a wasp of the hooded family?

    Shame you didn't get a snap; you could have posted it to SHOP A WASP.

    Spiders seem to like wheelie bins

  2. It's the Wasp attempting a DOS attack on the Web. Just like they do in the Southern States of the USA.

  3. Shortly before the French presidential election but one a spider and a (domesticated) wasp each claimed possession of our letter box. Clearly the outcome was going to predict the election result. The spider won. I think you should consider your spider as something akin to the Delphic Oracle. There could be money in it.

  4. Soaring - that's not a wheelie bin. You can't fool me.

    Rog - yeah of course, that's why my broadband's going so slow today. I'll just nip out and deny the wasp and spider their service ... Ah, that's better!

    Christopher - A domesticated wasp? You'll have to explain that.

    All - spiders love wing mirrors too. Why is that?

  5. We have domesticated spiders. They are not quite pets, but my husband catches flies for them. A spider will not touch a dead fly, but if you throw it at the web just right, it thinks it is alive and accepts it.

  6. We have a similar spider outside the second floor flower boxes, who zips skyward upon their daily watering...


  7. It wasn't very clear, was it? I'm afraid my editorial people were at the bagnio/confessional when I typed it. It was the final run-off between Chirac and Le Pen. Wasp and spider competed for possession: on the eve of the election the wasp succumbed, thus predicting defeat on the morrow for the candidate it represented.

    'Feral' being in your definition having returned to the wild after domestication, I could only assume that such a politicised wasp was domesticated. Besides, we often saw it, or its fellows, about the house.

  8. Z - blimey. I had no idea Norfolk was so ferally eventful. I'm scared, and may have to phone my sister for comfort.

    Pearl - Welcome here! I think my bin spider has probably snuffed it.

    Christopher - please keep me updated. It would be helpful to know which is which of Sarkozy and Merkel, spider or fly. (The next Franco-Prussian War -you heard it here first.)