Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm sure that's what they said ...

Well, not totally certain of this one, and can't be arsed to search any longer for a replay, but I'm pretty sure I heard Ed Milliband, in the Commons, refer to poor people who "... earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday!"  Erm... maybe he meant year?

I'm absolutely sure of this one: Michael Gove  on working parents who, because of the school strikes, "... have to scrabble around for expensive childcare."  I daren't even start to try deconstructing that!


  1. Your hearing is perfect, Tim. Poor old Ed, apparently the Labour cheers quickly gave way to Tory jeers.

    Do think someone started to deconstruct Michael Gove, but ran out of funding?

  2. Yes, Mrs Soaring, who is an ear sharper than I, picked that up immediately on the 6 news & we had it confirmed on the 10 news. You'd think he would have demanded an edit by then. Maybe he meant it as a slur on George, suggesting he is such a cheapskate for going to the rubbish cheapo ski resorts.

    And as for the Secretary of State for Edication (who very name is an affront to the English language - would you trust a man who doesn't even know the past participle of his own name? - You can imagine the Chancellor singing: You never gove me your money...whilst blowing banking bubbles in the ski spa bath), well yes, the concept of an auction of childcare providers to achieve the highest possible price must inherently appeal.

  3. If Gove had revealed his policy on childcare sooner (who knew??), some striking teachers could have put themselves forward as unpaid volunteers. Just saying.

  4. And hopefully the volunteers might have been spared by Clarkson.

  5. thanks for stopping by, sugar! hope frd & giner didn't keep you too late! ;) xoxox

    p.s. i'll be back very soon!

  6. I gather from my Head that the people who weren't on strike got an awful lot of work done in school yesterday. Full pay, no children, ideal. Unless they had children of their own, of course, in which case they probably got their striking colleagues to look after them.