Monday, 21 November 2011

Something with a smile

I don't usually need plastic bags at the supermarket, but occasionally one gets caught short.

ME: Could I have a bag for that please?
ASSISTANT:  I'm sorry, we're out of bags.  [Smiles apologetically, then glances to his left.]  But Customer Services might have some.

I follow his glance.  Customer Services is four feet along the same counter.

It was the smile that did it for me, I think.


  1. You got caught short and wanted to use a plastic bag? Oh kay. Right.

  2. But these supermarket bags have tiny little holes in the bottom so I can't see how it was any use if you were caught short.

    I bet that was Waitrose. I'm sure every sale makes the staff smile.
    And so they should.

  3. Good grief!
    Did you manage to smile back?

  4. Well that certainly made me smile. Had I been there I might even have done a LOL.

  5. Maybe, eventually, supermarkets will adopt the same policy towards smiles as they have with bags. Don't be surprised is you're asked, before long, "Do you need a smile, or have you brought your own with you today?"

  6. I didn't mean the innuendo, honest, but glad to see there are some dirty minds out there.