Saturday, 3 December 2011


On Any Questions, Jeremy *unt, the *ulture Secretary, said that various measures (I really can’t remember what they were, and it doesn’t matter because they’ll have changed by this time tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure you and I won’t like them, and don’t know anybody who will) are necessary in order to regain “the confidence of the Markets”.  I’ll write that again: the confidence of the Markets.

I have a very limited circle of acquaintanceship, which doesn’t include any Markets.  But apparently there are now only 2.7 degrees of separation, rather than the pre-digital six, between me and everybody else on the planet.  So send, please, the following question to 2.7 people, and ask them to pass it on to another 2.7:
“How much confidence do you have in the Markets?”
You can rate it on a scale of 0 to 1.  Answers on a comment please, enclosing a food stamp. 


  1. I'm sorry, I haven't a *lue, but just had to leave a *omment.

  2. Markets produce stuff that can go up as well as down. I have complete confidence in ours as I have never had a tummy ache or worse from any of the venison, smoked duck or salmon we have purchased.
    As for the other type of market, to which I suspect Mr *unt refers, specifically I expect to the "Bond Markets", I have every confidence that they can screw everything up & still come out smelling sweetly, within their own putrid world anyway.