Thursday, 15 December 2011


So, why do we have different knives and forks for fish?  And why do we feel compelled to use them?

And how come I'm finding it impossible to do a typo, even deliberately?

Only asjing.


  1. I don't. But my cutlery pre-dates fish knives and forks.

    The typos will flow within a few daus, dear heart. Just relax adn they will come.

  2. They are to help one get on in society.
    (The fish cutlery, not the typos)

  3. Oh Soaring, darling, that's where I've gone wrong all my life. I'm such an oik.

  4. Well, of course you need different knives and forks for fish. It's desperately hard for them to grip those that we use, due to those elongated, square, breadcrumbed fingers.

  5. I've never provided fish knives and forks. I just sprinkle the food in the top of the bowl and they seem to manage.

  6. What's really strange though is that he didn't ask Norman to phone for the forks as well. What good are fish knives on their own I ask?
    Though he did have a fork for the pastries.
    To quote the Duchess of Hamilton:
    "Could it be that large numbers of the English upper classes – notably its women – are able to keep their weight down as a direct consequence of the table manners that come with good breeding?"

  7. I don't know, ask a serious question and all you get is frivolity. That was a waste of touchtypoing then.