Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review Of The Year 2011

Lesson Learnt: Tread carefully, but step out with conviction when you do.

Lesson Not Learnt: Don’t wear white shirts to dinner parties.

Best Thing Said To Me: Not telling.  Runner-up: “You are lovely.”

Worst Thing Said To Me: “I really enjoyed our friendship.”

Answered Question: “Does the Higgs boson exist?”  (Answer: maybe.)

Unanswered Question: “What did I come up here for?”

Achievement: Playing the guitar for two hours on Boxing Day after a six month lay-off.

Non-achievement: Painting the kitchen ceiling (winner for three years running).

Un-understood Word: Meme.

Culinary Discovery: Wilkin’s Tomato Ketchup.


  1. Very entertaining! If "you are lovely" was only the second best thing said to you, I'm fascinated by the winner! Happy 2012!

  2. A meme is a replicating cultural entity.
    The more egotistical version is known as a mememe.

    Is Wilkin's better than Stokes? Which is a Sheepshank of a sauce.

  3. If I were to do a 'lifetime best thing said to me,' I suspect that the winner might be 'I adore you" and the ' 'lifetime worst thing said to me', "I adored you." Not by the same person, mind you.

    But let's dwell on the good things, hey. Onwards and upwards, dear Tim.

  4. Very good. I may have to steal that idea.

    I didn't know you played guitar. Now I'm even more of a fan.

  5. Glad you're still wearing the white shirts.
    I'm letting imagination rn riot over the best thing. Your ears might be blushing a bit.

  6. CQ and Mig - as I said, secret. It was said by the same person who said the "worst", though. (Mig, you know!)

    Soaring - so that's pretty much everything, isn't it?
    Haven't tried Stokes, is it Caribbean?

    Z - that's the plan!

    Liz - "even more"? I like that!