Tuesday, 20 December 2011


You have all been endowed, for twenty four hours, with the honorary title of "Glorious Comrade Defenders Of The Heavenly Rainbow Of Blogdom".  Rejoice!

Oh, and  this might cheer you up.


  1. Coo, I stagger under the weight. Of the honour.
    Thank you, that cheered me up no end. I won't try it though as I'm not in need of revival now and when I am I probably won't be able to read the recipe.

  2. Tim, thank you. It may interest you to know that I took a fall last night. It wasn't a vintage tumble, just a good, old fashioned miscalculation of the kerb height...in front of my niece, and just outside my old place of work. Perhaps I should rub Absynth on the bruised areas?

  3. Apologies for my absinthe. And Seasonal niceties or happy holidays as we say in America. May all your credit downgrades be small ones.

    (wv "shate")

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that all those not accepting this bestowal by the expiry time (12 hours and ticking) will be taken out and embraced either by their loved ones or by Saint Jeremy, take the odds...
    I warned you I was going to be frivolous. And typocal.

  5. You wanna make me gulp absinthe?
    Righty right.
    Just wait 'til the Silvaner's gone. I'll follow suite.

  6. Don't know whether to laugh or cry at the bestowal. Tears of humble frivolity acknowledge my acceptance o glorious leafer.
    The times they aren't a-changing.
    (Did Bob play Pyongyang?)

  7. Here I am! Thank you, darling, I'm terribly honoured. Cheers!