Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Card Audit 2011

Snow/Snowmen/Snowflakes:           12

Santas/Reindeer:                               9

Animals/Birds:                                  7

 (of which Robins:                            4)

Landscapes:                                      7

Boats:                                                3

Nativities/Wise Men/Angels:           3

Christmas trees/Baubles:                  3

Comical:                                           1

Puddings:                                          1

Twelve Days:                                    0

Special categories:

Homemade:                                      4

Cards with glued-on glitter:             5

Ecards:                                             1

Wonderfully weird:                          3

No Awards this year, apart from Best Card, which I have already announced.

Although this important data-gathering exercise has been conducted for several years now, this is only the second time the results have been scientifically recorded.  Meaningful statistical trends cannot therefore yet be discerned.  A more formal methodology will, if feasible, be employed in the future, enabling the presentation of the data in the form of graphs, pie charts and year-on-year percentile variances.  However, some early indicators are worth noting:

·         It was necessary to include three new categories: Puddings, Boats, and most significantly, Landscapes.  This may be ascribable to inconsistencies in the categorisation procedures, whereby items now recorded as ‘Landscapes’ or ‘Boats’ were previously placed under other headings; in fact this is almost certainly the case.  The same cannot however be said of ‘Puddings.
·         There is a marked decline in the incidence of Glued-on Glitter.  This may reflect economic circumstances, but is more likely to be a consequence of an increased perception that the damned stuff comes off on your fingers whenever you touch the things.
·         Robins have doubled in quantity, possibly due to the mild weather.


  1. I'd like to see a separate analysis of size to test my theory that cards are getting smaller.

    Also percentage of charity cards.

    I used to love receiving round Robins in which I could read what a fabulous year people and their extraordinarily talented families had enjoyed.

  2. I suppose the poor circulation of cards can only be recorded accurately by a trained cardiologist?

  3. Blue Witch says that cards are getting smaller, too. So you're probably right, Rog. I've found that the incidence of comical cards has fallen off sharply.

  4. Cards are definitely getting smaller. In some cases there's hardly room for the stamp. Is this a good thing?
    My Robins seem to be getting rounder since I started putting seed on the bird table before Christmas.

  5. I noticed that cards from work colleagues were smaller this year and I think this is a good thing. We only had one card with a Robin on it and only one pudding. We also have one cupcake and one with peas (peas on earth, that is).

  6. We had one with caravan by pohutukawa [red-flowered] tree and green grass at a beach. Also one with only the huge [glittery] word/s HO HO HO; from 92 year old friend who sends out a leaflet of suggestive limericks each year.