Friday, 6 January 2012

Compare and Contrast

Churchill: "I apologise for the length of this memo.  I did not have time to make it shorter."

Diane Abbott: "Bit much to get into 140 characters."


  1. I found the following re-tweet in my time line after Ed Milliband misspelt Blockbusters:

    “@HackneyAbott: I've put a screengrab of @Ed_Miliband's blackbusters tweet in a frame in my office. I can say whatever I want now. So fuck off whitey.”

  2. I'm with Churchill - it takes a lot of time to make things short. Especially in writing.

  3. Probably a spoofer, Rog, but I'm right to be scared, innit? (<140)

    Mago, I am informed that it was attributed to Pascal rather than Churchill. Probably both, Winnie wasn't above stealing ideas. WGAF, the point stands, innit? (Prob =>140 - do blanks count?)