Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inspired? Moi?

As Z graciously remarked in a recent comment, we bloggers do indeed often inspire each other.  At least, that’s been my experience on the ‘income’ stream; I wouldn’t presume to claim any credit in the other direction.  But at the moment the inspiration-response bit of my brain has stopped, probably due to the onset of Seasonal Cantbearsed Disorder.  So here are just a few questions I most probably won’t be addressing over the coming days:

Is Twitter now the de facto medium of preference for public policy, social commentary, personal gratification and, erm, everything?  Am I right to be scared?
Is writing a Christmas present wish list of any use to anyone over ten?  I asked for a dressing gown and got a Kindle.  So other people are obviously better at writing my list than I am.
How many shirts do I need?  How many shirts have I got?  Why do I only like four of them?
As an Englishman living in England, should I be given a vote in the Scottish independence referendum, if any?  (West Lothian readers need not reply.)
Is there any obligation or expectation to blog even when you have nothing to say?
Why can’t I think of anything else I don’t want to write about?  Oh, hang on, I know this one …


  1. 1. Yes (and yes)

    2. No

    3. 4 is ideal (put the rest in Charity shop)

    4. No. The Salmond will return to spawn.

    5. Nope. Don't worry. Be like Brian Ferry.

    6. Why did I start this reply...er?

  2. I've been inspired by you too, dear heart.

    Having finally given in and started to use my Twitter account, I'm afraid I rather like it. Not as much as blogging but more than Facebook. The gossip is best on G+. Oh lord, I'm become a slave to social media and I am the person I've always despised.

    I can't be bothered with a Christmas list but I rely on others to do them because I don't like shopping.

    I have no idea. I just wish I could find my nice brown skirt that my mother finished with some twenty years ago and passed on to me that I last wore last winter and now seem to have mislaid.

    Yes, I would like a referendum on English independence.


    You know that one.

  3. Cantbearsed disorder. I do believe that I suffer from this.

    I've never used Twitter. Perhaps I should; but then it might swallow up what little bit of my life is left after Facebook and blogging.

    My family do a Christmas list just to give each other some idea of what we might like (and to stop my mother wasting her meagre finances on stuff no-one wants).

    You can never have too many shirts. Or shoes.

    I like 'Great Britain' the way it is.

    I've forgotten what the next question was.

  4. You must have celebrated the New Year in a hearty manner, if you're still under the influence.

  5. I daren't even look at Twitter - I know I'd get sucked in and I already don't have enough time for Blogging and fatuous Facebook and Flickr.

    I beg people for Christmas lists and then don't get my own sorted till the last minute when it's too late. I'm sure this is a very useful exercise.

    I can't answer about shirts. I know I need more than is reasonable but have no idea how many more. Or what is reasonable.

    Do you want a vote on the Scottish independance referendum?

    You blog whenever you like Tim. Two or three times a day would be best.

  6. Oh heck. There was I saying that I can't answer all these questions (I have many more, growing as I type) - and what do I get? Eh? Answers! and more fing questions!

    I will, of course, address all your questions and answers in the fullness of time. |But just now I have the fullness of this glass to address. Goodnight.