Saturday, 28 January 2012

Something a bit fishy

About a year ago, I posted (here) what now looks like a fairly topical rant about bonuses - don't worry, I promised trivia and trivia you shall have. 

Sitemeter sometimes tells me that a visit to my blog is the result of a Google search, and sometimes tells me the search terms that resulted in the visit.  For example, if tomorrow someone were to google 'fishy', the current post would probably be somewhere around the two-million mark, *note to self: try it*, assuming that googlebot is keeping up.

I freely confess to checking my Sitemeter stats every day, in order to boost my self-esteem; and sometimes I'll click on the 'detail' box, just out of curiosity.  (That's how I know about the google thing.)

So this morning I noticed that somebody had googled 'undercooked shark steak' and come up with the aforementioned post.  A bell suddenly rang - this has happened before!  In fact, when I think about it, it's happened quite a few times before.  Probably a dozen or more since the original post.  I'd never thought anything of it until now (I tend not to remember that sort of stuff), but today the links clicked together in my brain. 

Someone out there (in the US, actually) either a) is a fan of my blog but hasn't managed to work out a more efficient way of accessing it than to google the title of an inconsequential post from a year ago, or b) has an intriguing fixation on how to cook fish badly.  Any other theories?  It doesn't bother me in the least, but as you know I like a puzzle.


  1. It's always the same person? How intriguing.

  2. My daughter has discovered that if you Google (images) 'scary geese teeth' her image is the second one to come up? And 'spooky graveyard' - hers is the 9th one.

    It is beyond me why people would want to Google those phrases but it's her claim to fame!

    Google is a wonderful thing.

  3. Strangely enough, if I look for some blogs, and can not remember the actual blog name or the blogger's name, I search for the topic I remember. The bookmarks become a little crowded now and then and I am far too lazy to use searchwords - that is to give search words. So I can see that looking for your blog could produce this google search. It's a long time since I googled myself. Actually I use mostly ix-quick or duck-duck-go, sometimes blekko. Wordpress shows me what people search, or in what searches my blog pops up, and there's no undercooked shark in reach. But strangely enough a lot of people look for the comic I once put up, Franquin's shark.