Friday, 11 May 2012

Caravan Comforts

Great news!  The macerating toilet has been installed!  And it works – at least, no signs of unwanted outcomes so far.  It makes a rather nice burpy sound as it digests.  Joseph said “Don’t put anything solid down there, except toilet paper and its accompaniments,” and the operating instructions bear this out:

I can identify most of them, and it’s encouraging that they remind you not to put your hand down either.

Here are the installation instructions:

At home, the weather tends to be outside, something to be excluded.  Down here, it’s inside.  I don’t mean literally, there are no leaks, but it makes itself felt.  It’s much closer, and I like that.  I like the little rocking motion when a strong gust of wind hits, and the rhythms of raindrops on the roof.  I certainly like what it does to the sea, which I can always hear and see.  Today it’s been grey-green, flecked with white, and quite loud.  It sometimes seems to be breathing, and indeed I find my pace slowing to that of the sea and the weather.

Wildlife report: I think there are three other humans here.  I waved to one of them, Gordon, when he passed with his greyhound just now, and we’ll chat tomorrow.  A flock of seabirds just wheeled over, at least a hundred, black against the sky.  They circled three times then were gone.  I couldn’t tell what species, but they seemed big enough to be gannets, though that can’t be right. 

No rabbits.  Not in season yet.


  1. It sounds great as you macerate. Have you got solar panels on the roof yet?

  2. This sounds like heaven - with convenience installed even.