Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I’m So Busy!

I really am.  Here’s my list for tomorrow:

Photos.  This isn’t quite what it seems.  I have to get into one of those stinking booths in the Oracle shopping centre to get two passport-type pictures of my face, both for ageing purposes.  The mandatory one is for a new driving licence, the other for a bus pass.  I can do without these reminders, to be honest.

Shoes.  I own three pairs (not including sandals and slippers).  The only ones I ever wear are now worn to below the legal tread limit.

Toilet brush.  This is for the caravan, which now has a toilet.  The need has been established.

Books and music.  Permanently on every list.

Shorts.  I seem to have thrown out my last and only pair.  That’s not strictly true, but the older ones are dysfunctional in both length and girth.

Marker pens.  As co-coordinator of the Neighbourhood Watch, I receive occasional offers from the local police (no, stop it!), the latest of which is some property-marking kits which I have to collect from the police station.  I’m trying to prepare myself for the conversation.


  1. I will be running a competition to win some shorts very soon, if that's any help?

  2. Photos: Since I have to drive a couple of miles to get to my nearest bus (which used to come once a week but was never seen to return) I probably ought to look into both of these.

  3. We have just two buses a day, here, which might explain why so many people in their 80s and 90s are still pottering about the lanes.

    I was a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, when we lived in Cornwall. I remember addressing a meeting of villagers who appeared to be under the impression that we were recruiting for Dad's Army.

  4. I threw out the Sage's shorts a few weeks ago. By mutual agreement, he won't be replacing them.

  5. So it's Mugs, Clogs, Bogs, Togs and Pigs.

    No I don't know either....

  6. Scarlet, I've seen those shorts. Trust me, you don't want to see me in them.
    Mig, Martin, I don't really want a bus pass, but thought as I was paying for 5 photos ... BUT it turns out I should have taken my glasses off, so I have to go back next week.
    Z - frankly, I can do without them too, but in caravanland you have to wear your knees with pride.
    Rog, good aides memoires, or would be if I ever needed to repeat this list. I forgot socks though.

  7. You've just reminded me...I need to renew my passport.


  8. Could you not mock up a 'passport' photo by holding up to the photo booth camera those shoes (tread facing the camera, eyebrows sketched in with your marker pen) with the toilet brush between them? Surely that would do for your bus pass? Much cheaper than a face-lift.