Sunday, 17 June 2012

So, what exactly is a “blog”?

I was asked by a resolute technophobe.  Well, I said, it’s just a kind of diary really…

Last evening for supper to Lord P, I myself being conveyed thence in my Lord’s sumptuous barouche Mercedes, a rare honour I thought.  His Lordship however explaining that it was born of a need for the horses to be given exercise.

Many pints of fine effervescent wines from France and the Colonies being provided and quaffed, and ales of London, the discourse did become lively, dwelling on the various Tales of Brave Ulysses, this the 16th being his Saint’s Day, and the merits of the bard Homer against the dirty knave Joyce; the debate being well balanced by virtue of none present having read either.  Though I deemed it prudent not to confess to having read the rogue Joyce’s scurrilous text two times.

To supper, where my Lady C hath caused divers CURRIES to be served with tasty Chutnies and other sweetmeats and wines of Burgundy and I know not where else, the eating of which extended to many hours.  Afterwards my Lord and some Squires withdrew to the recreation chamber, there to watch sporting antic from Eastern lands; I though unwilling to partake, being beguiled by Mistress R who did entice me into prancing a lively galliard until my legs did ache wholesomely.

By the midnight, Several Ladies having engaged in converse of a somewhat fierce domestic character, and matters Politick loudly arising amongst the menfolk, I deemed it time to withdraw, so made my thanks and excuses and was carried home by a hired hackney.

And so to bed.


  1. Nicely done, but I prefer your more current style

  2. Love it! My husband has been known to send me emails written in a similar style to that. Replying is surprisingly hard work.

    Z gets my vote for amusing comment of the week.

  3. Yes very good Tim - you should follow Samuel Johnson on Twitter. And he should follow you.

    And Pepying Tim ...most clever Z!

    Tales of Brave Ulysses reminded me of this classic stuff:

    You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever,
    But you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
    And the colours of the sea bind your eyes with trembling mermaids,
    And you touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses,
    How his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing,
    For the sparkling waves are calling you to kiss their white laced lips.

  4. Lord and Lady P and C congratulate you on your timely exit.Your turn next!

  5. To be fair Lo, links and comments weren't available in 17C. Think how much better Sam's style would've been could he have read you.

    Z - you're so right, the comments are the best bit!

    Liz - I'd say Sir B is more medieval. Except I don't know how to spell it.

    Rog - glad you got the subtle cultural cross-reference.

    Caro - Why, what happened later??

  6. I keep coming back to this post because I like to so much. You get my vote for favourite blog post of the year.

    Sir B does indeed style himself more a 16th century knight than a 17th century diarist. Occasionally, he has emailed me as Fred the Pearly King, or a 1920s dandy (whose name I have forgotten) and even Yoda. It is just as well that he doesn't blog in all these personas otherwise we'd never keep up with him.