Thursday, 16 August 2012


I hadn't come across this phenomenon until I read Oliver Burkeman's article in today's Guardian.  He cites a classic tweet from Cheryl Cole: "How can I still be nervous about red carpets after 10 years.  Eeek!"

So here's my shot: "Still don't fully understand 'Ulysses' even on the third reading.  Is it me?  And my try at writing a parody fell totes flat."

Have a go, folks.


  1. "I was told Dylan came in one night with his minders. Probably just stumbled in by accident and didn't stay to hear my Clapton lick"

    Is this right ;-) ?

  2. Rog, you scamp.

    I never brag about my accomplishments, modesty is my watchword.

  3. No card from Her Maj this year. Seems I've been dropped off her Christmas card list.