Thursday, 23 August 2012

Music heaven

Has anyone else just finished watching/listening to tonight's Prom on BBC4?  I do hope so.  Messiaen's massive 'Turangalila Symphony', billed by the composer as a celebration of love, which it is, but also a firework display of virtuosity, not to mention a bundle of laughs; then a brilliant ten-minute piece called 'HandsFree', by Anna Meredith, which is anything but - no instruments!  All performed by the gorgeously exuberant National Youth Orchestra.  For the moment, my belief in the human spirit is reaffirmed. 


  1. I didn't see it, but someone was enthusing to me about it today, so I'll look at iPlayer.

  2. Not sure I'd bother with the Messiaen, Z - I had to rave about it last night, because it blew my musical mind - forget about everything you thought you knew about music ... sorry, I'm being patronising, aren't I?
    But do catch the hand-clapping body-slapping piece at the end. Splendid time guaranteed.