Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not Thinking

Sorry, the examples of crooked thinking will have to wait, probably for ever, because I had to watch a not very interesting documentary about Bristol Brabazons and de Haviland Comets (1 and 4; 2 and 3 never got mentioned; 1 kept crashing and 4 was mega) and VC10s vs. Lockheed Constellations and Boeing 707s   like I said, not very interesting … and when I occasionally flipped over to C4 it seemed to be either parades or ads for watches; so all in all logical analysis of rhetorical subterfuge seems to have dropped off the edge of whatever plateau I’d intended to inhabit this evening.

So just a couple of frinstances:

Next time someone says something like “everyone agrees that London must preserve its status as a hub airport”, ask them what they mean by “everyone”, and “must”; and for that matter, if they know what a hub airport is.  [Dishonest arguments 17, 21, 34.]  (It’s a transit lounge, which earns our economy precisely nothing.)

When Gideon next says that we mustn’t tax ‘wealth creators’ lest they flee the country, try to find a way of asking him who these people are (the ones who haven’t already fled, that is), and why they haven’t actually created any wealth yet, except for themselves of course.  [Dishonest argument #39, which isn’t in the book, but can be summarised as ‘lying’.]

Oh, and Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Noir is much better than it sounds.



  1. I understand two words of this: Pinot and Noir.

  2. If we shut down the airport completely we could trap all the wealth creators in the Country and tax them big time.
    The country is turning into a giant transit lounge anyway. People are either lounging or driving transits.

  3. I find that thinking about a blog post, when I have something earnest to say, seems to get it out of my system so that I no longer have the urge to actually write it. But yes, you're right. I don't know about the Lawson's Dry Hills, but I take your word for that part of it.

  4. Me too, Dinah, me too.
    Rog, I tried and tried to make something out of 'sic transit, gloria mondeo'. I failed, obvs.
    Z, I'm glad I'm right, because that means at least one person thinks they know what I was on about. The planes were good though, I remember that bit.

  5. I shall definitely try the Lawsons Dry Hills. Is a hub airport really a transit lounge? Weird.

  6. Is that the Gideon who deals in hotel bibles - and does a hub airport hotel also have these bibles?