Sunday, 26 August 2012

Word Count

I dropped the Chambers Crossword List book on the floor, and it fell open at ‘Religion’.  Well, you don’t have any choice, do you, it’s either that or ironing.

So: there are approximately 590 words listed under nine sub-categories.  Would you like to know what these are?  Of course you would.  Religions and religious groups; religious officers; writings; services; building types; buildings and sites; festivals and holidays; symbols; terms to do with religion.  Then it says ‘see also:

abbey; angel; apostle; archbishop; Bible; Buddhism; cardinal; cathedral; celebration; ceremony; chief rabbi; Christianity; Christmas; church; clerical vestment; cross; Dalai Lama; diocese; fast; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; missionary; mythology; patriarch; plague; pope; prayer; priest; prophet; reformer; religious order; saint; Sikhism; theology’.

I haven’t had time, yet, to delve into this additional reading list, though I probably should – what exactly is ‘plague’ doing in there? Seven of Egypt, probably  – but I was moved to skip forward a few pages, to ‘Science’.  Here we find about a third as many words, 185, under just four sub-headings: Sciences; scientific concepts; scientific instruments; SI prefixes.  The ‘see also’ list is equally fascinating:

‘acid; amino acid; anatomy; atom; bacteria; biochemistry; biology; botany; chemistry; classification; electricity; engine; gas; gauge; genetics; geology; hydrocarbon; laboratory; law; measurement; medicine; meteorology; oil; optics; ore; plastic; psychiatry; psychology; radiation; study; zoology’.

I‘m not sure what to make of all this.


  1. My father, in the late 1920s, read Natural Sciences at Oxford. His was the first class to study biochemistry. Which is barely relevant, but a subject to hang a comment on, because the list is a bit random, isn't it?

  2. There are sites that will require you to meet a certain number of words before you post your creation. Word counters could be used for you to know how many words your article has.

  3. I see that 'theology' doesn't appear as a science.

  4. Creationism appears on the main list as a religion, though.