Friday, 8 March 2013

Crossword Poetry, anyone?

Here are some words from today’s Guardian Quick:

 Tale; antiquary; toff; itchy feet; florid; huff; still life; jute; sloppy joe; zephyr; florid; huff; urge; plight; domino; signet; bullfight; Zurich; bête noire; charm; lope …

 Come on, I know you’re out there …  Start with the tale of a florid antiquary with itchy feet who lopes off to Zurich in a huff ...


  1. I suppose he saw the bête noire at the bullfight? I look forward to reading the entire story.

  2. Well he was a bit of a toff obviously and I can't think why he was wearing a sloppy joe and carrying a still life in a string bag. Not at all appropriate at a bullfight.